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WolframTones – Computer Generated Music

April 22nd, 2011

For those of you unfamiliar with Wolfram Alpha – they bill themselves as a “Computational Knowledge Engine” — many a budding young mathematician and old grizzled researcher can find astounding amounts of data here, as well as help with solving equations, explanations of mathematical operators, you know, everything under the sun about math.  You can even look at stock data, literally millions of little fascinating things.  For extra fun, search WolframAlpha with “What is the meaning of life?”  Douglas Adams fans will rejoice!

Finn and Jake say Algebraic!

Finn and Jake think WolframAlpha is Algebraic!

However, my interests lie deeply with music, and I have a fondness for computer generated music, so what I’m here to showcase is WolframTones – — WolframTones is a web based interface that allows you to generate random music based on your selections.

Screenshot of WolframTones web interface

I for one welcome our new robot musician overlords.

You can pick a style of music you’d like, then play with variations.  There’s even instrumentation you can play with, time controls (set the tempo), pitch mapping if you want to work in certain keys.  I would say the majority of the generated music is not going to be the next big club hit, but sometimes you get some pretty cool little ditties, and it’s a fun way to kill some time.

Fun with Online Generators – Warning Label and Seal Edition

March 18th, 2011

Just wanted to share a couple online type generators that I’ve had fun with in the past.

First off we have a warning label generator, from the great folks at — while the selection is a little slim, you can still come up with some fun content.  Maybe print some labels, stick them on your friends, or pets.

Warning Label


So you’ve become royalty, your Great Aunt Gertrude has died and left you the Grandy Duchy of Snobberton, you now have a title and land.  You need a crest or emblem of some sort, to stamp upon your feudal knaves and serfs.  Then the Official Seal Maker is perfect for you!   With a surprising array of borders, fonts, and images available to you, it is truly highly varietly zortily grozzily customizable.  Not to be confused with the Seal Maker, a product to make clones of the music artist Seal.

The Royal Seal of Puppies Freebasing Kittens