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Reaction Guys 4-panel

April 11th, 2011

So the other day, I came across this four panel meme, and thought you all might enjoy it. I posted the two stock photos of the guys, disappointed and elated, at the bottom. First is original content, then the rest are a few I found to be kind of funny. Take care!


Having Fun While Being Alone

March 5th, 2011

Ever feel like you’ll be Forever Alone?  Don’t worry, there’s all kinds of joyous ways to bring joyous joy to your life.  For instance, Eating Salad Alone!!

Laughing Alone with Salad

We can also learn valuable lessons about making friends without needing people around.  Imagine a world where Jon from Garfield is actually alone and Garfield and Odie do not exist.  Garfield minus Garfield does exactly this, and takes us into the depths of a mind gone insane!

Garfield without Garfield Panel 1Garfield without Garfield Panel 2Garfield Minus Garfield Picture 3Garfield Minus Garfield Picture 4

So fear not fellow recluses.  There’s plenty for us to do without human interaction.

For those who are already adept and find eating salad alone too small a challenge, you can always try to master the ancient art of lime holding.