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Shadow Lurker

August 17th, 2011

Here’s a fun new meme — some inspirational catchphrases to peruse before you turn in for the night.  The Shadow Lurker (ominous music and oooo’s)

So, here’s the template first, so you can have your own fun.  How fun.  Or go to a generator blog that generates memes, which shall remain nameless, if you’re lazy. Real men photoshoop their own damn selves.  Just sayin’.

Shadow Lurker Exploitable Template

Shadow Lurker -- Now in Exploitable Template form.

Ok, well, I’m going to post a gallery of a couple dozen Shadow Lurker image macros, memes, representations of things with pixels, whatever you want to call them.  But first, ORIGINAL CONTENT!!!

Shadow Lurker - I'm Thinking About Cats Again

Because you can't hug every cat.

Ok, well, maybe that’s not in keeping with the spirit of the thing.  I try again now, and do moar better.

Shadow Lurker - Nice Teeth, I Think I'll Take Them

I am the tooth fairy after all.

Shadow Lurker - Tom Petty

You tell me, which is the true horror?