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Kittens – Cats – And All Things Related – A Celebration of Kitteh

August 21st, 2011

A celebration of cats.  What the internet was designed for, besides the naughty stuff that goes on in the dark recesses of teh internorps.  Just some recent cat stuff.  Cuz — well, I wanna update more often.  So here you go.  Cats.  I’m sorry — I’m thinking about cats again.  In a basket. With bow ties. On a rainbow.

Kittens - Nature's most adorable murderers.

Kittens - Nature's most adorable murderers.

Proper Kitty - Fetch Me That Red Dot

Hadn't seen this one before, but I like the cut of his gib.

Moar Kitty Cat Wants Moar!

Who doesn't want moar, I mean really.

One day I'll be a poptrt, poopin out rainbows - Kitten - Nyan Cat

Dream big, little kitty.

Owlcat - Has a Wise

Owlcat - What is the meaning of Life the Universe and Everything?

3D Rendered Nyan Cat

Oh Nyan Cat, so many incorporations, and applications. What are you really after though?

Unrelated to Cats or Kittens

Just wanted to say — besides all this.  Why does this picture make me so angry!!!!

Hubba Bubba Rage


Reaction Pictures, Part 2

August 17th, 2011

What’s that? More reaction pictures? Why? Why! Why would you do this to me! Why not? These are always fun, expressive, and perfectly cromulent. So enjoy!

Reaction Picture - Glasses

If I don't hold onto my glasses, they may kill everyone here.

Reaction Picture - Sailor and Whisky, or Whatever That Is

Churrs, Ya Hurd?

Reaction Picture - Kid with Glasses

Actually, the full exploitable comic image for this is rad also, but yeah -- peer into his eyes, feel him penetrate your soul, errr, or something.

Reaction Picture - Kid with Glasses

General Celebratory Victory Type Mild Fist Bump, Something Something.

Reaction Picture - Kid with Glasses

Bill Murray telling you, 'you da man' or perhaps 'I know what you did last summer'

Reaction Picture - Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez just sobered up after a 6 month pill binge and wakes up next to the Biebs? Perhaps I'm misreading.

Reaction Picture - President Obama

You did what to an elephant for how many jellybeans?

Reaction Picture - Christian Bale

Bulbasaur? NO PIKACHUS MOAR BETTER (lulz best I could come up with)

Reaction Picture - Bruce Willis

Sharpie goes where?

Reaction Picture - Spongebob

Maximum Satisfaction

Reaction Picture - Conan O'Brien

In my day, we paid a hay penny for a quart of petroleum distillate.

Reaction Picture - Cartoon

No Me Gusta

Reaction Picture - Haley Joel Osment


Reaction Picture - Butters

You did what to an elephant for how many jellybeans? Oh wait, ummm.....You...umm..nevermind.

Reaction Picture - Powdered Toast Man

If you don't know Powdered Toast Man -- *just shakes head*

Reaction Picture - Ferrets

We're on the internet, HA HA!

What an excessively long post!  No?  Want more?


Didn’t see our first post?  Have no fear, it’s new to you!

Reaction Pictures, Part 1

Stare Cat

July 16th, 2011

Can’t get enough of that cat.

Stare Cat - Full Size

Oh you Russian Pepper Cats - Why do I adore you so?

Check out our gallery below :)

Update: 08/16/2011 — Added some more Stare Cat goodness.  Should have a page or two in the gallery now.

Lenin Cat aka Lenin’s Cat, Part 2

June 10th, 2011

Want more Lenin Cat?  Check out our original post – Lenin Cat aka Lenin’s Cat, Part 1

Well we’ve been getting more hits on the original Lenin Cat post, so I thought I’d share some more of that fun loving commie kitty.  Enjoy.

Vladimir Lenin holding a cat.

Lenin holding a cat -- Now repeat after me muffin, the proletariat shall rise!

Lenin Cat - Power to the proletaricat

Lenin Cat - Power to the Proletaricat

Lenin Cat - Workers of the World Unite - Sleeps 2 Hours a Day

Lenin Cat - Workers of the World Unite - Sleeps 2 Hours a Day

Lenin Cat - There is no ceiling cat.

Lenin Cat - There is no ceiling cat. -- What would Nietzche say about that?

Lenin Cat - Must Crush Cat-pitalism

Lenin Cat - Must Crush Cat-pitalism

Lenin Cat - I do not enjoy other cat communists, except for chairman meow

Lenin Cat - I do not enjoy other cat communists, except for chairman meow

Chairman Meow - Most adorable dictator ever.

Chairman Meow - Most adorable dictator ever.

Lenin Cat - I Refuse to Listen to the American Dogs - They Don't Even See Color

Lenin Cat - I Refuse to Listen to the American Dogs - They Don't Even See Color

Of course, there’s always a few haters when you become a success, oh Hipster Cat, does nothing make you happy?

Hipster Cat - Hipster Kitty - Lenin Cat - More Like Sell Out Cat

Oh Hipster Kitty, always so cynical.

Living with a Deaf Cat, Part 1

April 25th, 2011

My cat Desdemona was the craziest kitten I had ever owned.  She would jump up on counters, knocking things over, bookshelves, knocking things over, look me dead in the eye, and knock something over.  Then she would howl.  By howl, I don’t really mean howl, there isn’t an appropriate word I can think of off hand, it was a noise as if her tail had just been crushed by a rocking chair.  As she tore apart branches in my Christmas tree, I would shout and shout at her ‘STOP IT!  WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME!’

My Deaf Cat Desdemona

My cat Desdemona, doing cat sign language for "you will die for this."

One day while my father was visiting he simply said to me, “your cat is deaf.”  Somehow the possibility had never occurred to me.  Desdemona had never seemed deaf, her ears would turn towards stimulus, she appeared to notice activity that I attributed to being loud, and so on.

Acute Senses

One reason a deaf cat might not seem deaf is that their other senses become more enhanced.  What I would mistake for Desdemona hearing, let’s say, a garbage truck outside and running to the back door to see what’s going on, is really just her feeling the vibrations.  She can pick up on the tiniest vibrations.  One might ask, how do you call a deaf cat?  When I want to get her attention, I simply tap on say, the bed, the desk, wherever she is, really lightly and she’ll look over at me.  When I want to call her from across the room, I stomp my foot once or twice on the ground, and she’ll notice that.  She is fascinated with shadows that move on the walls, she can sense the tiniest movement, it can be a tad eerie when she stares off into some corner of the room and just sit there staring intently for a few minutes — hopefully she’s not seeing ghosts or something freaky.

Communicating with a Deaf Cat

I covered this a little, by saying how I call her.  Other than that, there are tons of ways to communicate with a deaf cat.  Once I get her attention, I usually use a couple of different bodily signals to let her know what’s going on.  When she would do bad things in the past, at first, I did use a spray bottle now and then, although I hated to do that, but I coupled it with waving my finger sternly at her and making an exaggerated pouty face.  Now when she knocks stuff over (she still loves to do it, the noise doesn’t bother her at all), I will wave or stomp to get her attention, then shake my finger at her, and she seems to know I’m upset with her.  In the other case, when I’m being friendly, or trying to get her to come over for pets, I’ll wiggle my fingers at her and she happily comes on over.

Well, before this becomes far too long I am going to break here, and tell you that I will be posting more about living with a deaf cat in the near future.  Check out the two articles below that I found pretty informative.  Just a small warning, which I will cover in the next post, if you do have a deaf cat, please keep them indoors, they can’t hear all kinds of dangers in the outside world, cars, predators, etc.  I will expand on this later.

eHow’s article:  How to Happily Communicate with a Deaf Cat

Best Friends Pet Care:   Caring for a Deaf Cat

Reaction Pictures

April 10th, 2011

Sometimes you want to say something, but have no means to express it at the time.  That’s what reaction pictures are for.  A picture speaks a thousand words and what not.  So here’s a short selection of reaction pictures.

Reaction Picture 1 - zomg wtf cat

zomg wtf u lookin at

Human and Dog Hybrid Scratching Chin - Hmm Interesting tell me more

Hmmm, interesting, tell me more.

Reaction Picture - Baby looking upset

What'd you say about my momma?

Reaction Picture - Chicken - Come at me Bro

Come at me Bro!

Reaction Picture - George Takei

George Takei Sexily Agrees with that Statement

Reaction Picture - Cat - Maximum Satisfaction

Satisfaction cat is satisfied.

Still Not Satisfied?

Check out our more reaction pictures!

Reaction Pictures, Part 2

Lenin Cat aka Lenin’s Cat

April 8th, 2011

Want more Lenin Cat?  Check out our new post — Lenin Cat aka Lenin’s Cat Part 2

Greetings Comrades!  Well we’ve been giving a lot of attention to the Business Cat image macro here lately, because, well, Business Cat is charming, cute, and a wonderful subversion of business clichés.  Truly perhaps Business Cat is the hallmark of capitalist corporate economics.   But what about a counterpoint, what about taking down the bourgeois, rising up, letting the kittehs unite!  For a while now there’s been an image floating out there of “Lenin’s Cat”, which is really just a cat whom appears to have a stylish goatee, seen below:

Lenin's Cat

I Can Haz Cabbage?

For those that don’t believe it, here’s a side by side comparison of Lenin’s Cat to Lenin:

Lenin and Lenin's Cat

Papa, at last I've found you!

So what does our little Marxist kitteh have to say for himself?Lenin Cat - All peoples can haz cheezburger

Lenin Cat - You can not has cheezburger until all cats can has cheezburger

Lenin Cat - Business Cat, More like boureois cat

Lenin Cat - Business Cat?  More Like Slavery Cat

Lenin Cat - I have heard the purrs of the kittehs, a ball of yarn in every paw and cheezburger in every bowl

Of course, Business Cat won’t just take this criticism lying down:

Lenin Cat just wants to steal my hard earned fish

Business Cat, Part 3

April 6th, 2011

So, as per usual, it’s been hectic, and I haven’t been updating as often as I’d like.  I promise some original content, and more lengthy narratives that are full of non-sequitur and arbitrary absurdity in the near future.  In the meantime, what’s that, Business Cat again?  That’s right, deal with it.  There’s gonna be quite a lot of them this time, so, also deal with that.  Muahahahaha.

Business Cat - I'm Sorry, We're Letting You Go, You Tested Positive for Catnip

Business Cat - If I don't get those reports by 5, the results with be catastrophic

Business Cat - Jenkins, I'll need that report by 3:00, I'll be outside your office door meowing until then

Business Cat - Dead Mouse on Your Desk - You Earned It

Business Cat - If you'll just leave your resume on the table over there, I'll sleep on it

Business Cat - I Started This Business From Scratch -- From There I Clawed My Way To The Top

Business Cat - If you want to succeed, tummies need to be rubbed

Business Cat - This Deal Smells Fishy, Where Do I Sign?

Business Cat - We Took A Bath on That Last Job

Obama Snowball Fight 4 Panel

April 5th, 2011

Here’s a pair of funny Obama Snowball Fight panels.  In the spirit of equal opportunity, I will offer up both a cat and a dog version.  I’m sure these could be captioned for great justice and fun, but that may have to come later.

Kitty Snowball Fight

Obama Four Panel Snowball Fight with a Cat

Doggy Snowball Fight

Obama Snowball Fight Four Panel - Doggy Version

Everything Good Starts with Xzibit and Sea Creatures

March 29th, 2011

Xzibit and a Sea Creature