Kittens – Cats – And All Things Related – A Celebration of Kitteh

August 21st, 2011 by Froggy

A celebration of cats.  What the internet was designed for, besides the naughty stuff that goes on in the dark recesses of teh internorps.  Just some recent cat stuff.  Cuz — well, I wanna update more often.  So here you go.  Cats.  I’m sorry — I’m thinking about cats again.  In a basket. With bow ties. On a rainbow.

Kittens - Nature's most adorable murderers.

Kittens - Nature's most adorable murderers.

Proper Kitty - Fetch Me That Red Dot

Hadn't seen this one before, but I like the cut of his gib.

Moar Kitty Cat Wants Moar!

Who doesn't want moar, I mean really.

One day I'll be a poptrt, poopin out rainbows - Kitten - Nyan Cat

Dream big, little kitty.

Owlcat - Has a Wise

Owlcat - What is the meaning of Life the Universe and Everything?

3D Rendered Nyan Cat

Oh Nyan Cat, so many incorporations, and applications. What are you really after though?

Unrelated to Cats or Kittens

Just wanted to say — besides all this.  Why does this picture make me so angry!!!!

Hubba Bubba Rage


Reaction Pictures, Part 2

August 17th, 2011 by Froggy

What’s that? More reaction pictures? Why? Why! Why would you do this to me! Why not? These are always fun, expressive, and perfectly cromulent. So enjoy!

Reaction Picture - Glasses

If I don't hold onto my glasses, they may kill everyone here.

Reaction Picture - Sailor and Whisky, or Whatever That Is

Churrs, Ya Hurd?

Reaction Picture - Kid with Glasses

Actually, the full exploitable comic image for this is rad also, but yeah -- peer into his eyes, feel him penetrate your soul, errr, or something.

Reaction Picture - Kid with Glasses

General Celebratory Victory Type Mild Fist Bump, Something Something.

Reaction Picture - Kid with Glasses

Bill Murray telling you, 'you da man' or perhaps 'I know what you did last summer'

Reaction Picture - Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez just sobered up after a 6 month pill binge and wakes up next to the Biebs? Perhaps I'm misreading.

Reaction Picture - President Obama

You did what to an elephant for how many jellybeans?

Reaction Picture - Christian Bale

Bulbasaur? NO PIKACHUS MOAR BETTER (lulz best I could come up with)

Reaction Picture - Bruce Willis

Sharpie goes where?

Reaction Picture - Spongebob

Maximum Satisfaction

Reaction Picture - Conan O'Brien

In my day, we paid a hay penny for a quart of petroleum distillate.

Reaction Picture - Cartoon

No Me Gusta

Reaction Picture - Haley Joel Osment


Reaction Picture - Butters

You did what to an elephant for how many jellybeans? Oh wait, ummm.....You...umm..nevermind.

Reaction Picture - Powdered Toast Man

If you don't know Powdered Toast Man -- *just shakes head*

Reaction Picture - Ferrets

We're on the internet, HA HA!

What an excessively long post!  No?  Want more?


Didn’t see our first post?  Have no fear, it’s new to you!

Reaction Pictures, Part 1

Shadow Lurker

August 17th, 2011 by Froggy

Here’s a fun new meme — some inspirational catchphrases to peruse before you turn in for the night.  The Shadow Lurker (ominous music and oooo’s)

So, here’s the template first, so you can have your own fun.  How fun.  Or go to a generator blog that generates memes, which shall remain nameless, if you’re lazy. Real men photoshoop their own damn selves.  Just sayin’.

Shadow Lurker Exploitable Template

Shadow Lurker -- Now in Exploitable Template form.

Ok, well, I’m going to post a gallery of a couple dozen Shadow Lurker image macros, memes, representations of things with pixels, whatever you want to call them.  But first, ORIGINAL CONTENT!!!

Shadow Lurker - I'm Thinking About Cats Again

Because you can't hug every cat.

Ok, well, maybe that’s not in keeping with the spirit of the thing.  I try again now, and do moar better.

Shadow Lurker - Nice Teeth, I Think I'll Take Them

I am the tooth fairy after all.

Shadow Lurker - Tom Petty

You tell me, which is the true horror?