Disrepair, A Photographic Study

May 14th, 2011 by Froggy

Going no less than 15 feet away from my luxury apartment, I decided to do a short photographic survey, take a few pictures for fun.  Below are my results.  Original Content as promised.  O.o Zort!!!

Photograph - Torn Screen

The horrors of owning screens and cats.

Buddha Inside an Outdoor Fireplace, Covered in Spiderwebs

Buddha Inside an Outdoor Fireplace, Covered in Spiderwebs, Remnants of the Past

Gas Meter, Covered in Crustiness

Gas Meter, Covered in Crustiness, Good Luck with That

This Drain, Is a Good Drain, It Does What is Required of It.

Dirty, but functional.

Rusty BBQ Lid

I should BBQ More Often, It is Showing Signs of Neglect.

Garfield Herp Derp

May 8th, 2011 by Froggy

No posts in a while, gonna just shoot this one in quick, in the midst of writing for finals. No time for love Dr. Jones. Here’s Garfield, Herpin’ and a Derpin’

Garfield Making Jon Cross Eyed - Herp Derp

Have you ever tried to Herp but then you Derped?