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Lenin Cat aka Lenin’s Cat

April 8th, 2011 by Froggy

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Greetings Comrades!  Well we’ve been giving a lot of attention to the Business Cat image macro here lately, because, well, Business Cat is charming, cute, and a wonderful subversion of business clichés.  Truly perhaps Business Cat is the hallmark of capitalist corporate economics.   But what about a counterpoint, what about taking down the bourgeois, rising up, letting the kittehs unite!  For a while now there’s been an image floating out there of “Lenin’s Cat”, which is really just a cat whom appears to have a stylish goatee, seen below:

Lenin's Cat

I Can Haz Cabbage?

For those that don’t believe it, here’s a side by side comparison of Lenin’s Cat to Lenin:

Lenin and Lenin's Cat

Papa, at last I've found you!

So what does our little Marxist kitteh have to say for himself?Lenin Cat - All peoples can haz cheezburger

Lenin Cat - You can not has cheezburger until all cats can has cheezburger

Lenin Cat - Business Cat, More like boureois cat

Lenin Cat - Business Cat?  More Like Slavery Cat

Lenin Cat - I have heard the purrs of the kittehs, a ball of yarn in every paw and cheezburger in every bowl

Of course, Business Cat won’t just take this criticism lying down:

Lenin Cat just wants to steal my hard earned fish