Adventure Time Screenshots from “Video Makers” Episode

April 30th, 2011 by Froggy

I promise folks, I will eventually be posting more than just Adventure Time stuff, but well, I’m in the mood for it again, so tough :) Was just watching the episode “Video Makers,” and I got a kick out of the random, very short shots of people as Finn and Jake rampaged about the countryside making their movie. I found the images to be intriguing, and brief, and thought I’d post some screenshots so they could be enjoyed in all their stillness.

Adventure Time Screenshot - Video Makers Episode - Cupcake painting a candy cane.

I do believe that pastry is a cubist.

Adventure Time Screenshot - Video Makers Episode - Ice Cream Cone and Instruments

Putting hats on instruments is always fun.

Adventure Time Screenshot - Video Makers Episode - Little Blobs feeding a bigger blob an apple on a stick

Not sure I even want to know what's going on here.

Adventure Time Screenshot - Video Makers Episode - The Mechanics of Impact

Time to hit the books.

Adventure Time Screenshot - Video Makers Episode - Having a picnic

Adventure Time Screenshot - Video Makers Episode - Whistling Peppermint

A whistling peppermint I guess?

Thanks for the great videos Beemo!

Adventure Time - Beemo with a Video Camera

Adventure Time Alternative Art, Part 2

April 25th, 2011 by Froggy

Since I can’t seem to shed my obsession, I will instead embrace it and provide everyone with another installment of Adventure Time Alternative Art for everyone.  Rhombus!  –  Make sure to check out Adventure Time Alternative Art Part 1, as well!

Adventure Time Alternative Art by Jerrod Maruyama.

Art by Jerrod Maruyama.

Adventure Time Alternative Art - Finn and Jake Rainbow

Adventure Time Alternative Art by Zach Bellissimo

Art by Zach Bellissimo.

Adventure Time Alternative Art by Alex Campos

Art by Alex Campos

Living with a Deaf Cat, Part 1

April 25th, 2011 by Froggy

My cat Desdemona was the craziest kitten I had ever owned.  She would jump up on counters, knocking things over, bookshelves, knocking things over, look me dead in the eye, and knock something over.  Then she would howl.  By howl, I don’t really mean howl, there isn’t an appropriate word I can think of off hand, it was a noise as if her tail had just been crushed by a rocking chair.  As she tore apart branches in my Christmas tree, I would shout and shout at her ‘STOP IT!  WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME!’

My Deaf Cat Desdemona

My cat Desdemona, doing cat sign language for "you will die for this."

One day while my father was visiting he simply said to me, “your cat is deaf.”  Somehow the possibility had never occurred to me.  Desdemona had never seemed deaf, her ears would turn towards stimulus, she appeared to notice activity that I attributed to being loud, and so on.

Acute Senses

One reason a deaf cat might not seem deaf is that their other senses become more enhanced.  What I would mistake for Desdemona hearing, let’s say, a garbage truck outside and running to the back door to see what’s going on, is really just her feeling the vibrations.  She can pick up on the tiniest vibrations.  One might ask, how do you call a deaf cat?  When I want to get her attention, I simply tap on say, the bed, the desk, wherever she is, really lightly and she’ll look over at me.  When I want to call her from across the room, I stomp my foot once or twice on the ground, and she’ll notice that.  She is fascinated with shadows that move on the walls, she can sense the tiniest movement, it can be a tad eerie when she stares off into some corner of the room and just sit there staring intently for a few minutes — hopefully she’s not seeing ghosts or something freaky.

Communicating with a Deaf Cat

I covered this a little, by saying how I call her.  Other than that, there are tons of ways to communicate with a deaf cat.  Once I get her attention, I usually use a couple of different bodily signals to let her know what’s going on.  When she would do bad things in the past, at first, I did use a spray bottle now and then, although I hated to do that, but I coupled it with waving my finger sternly at her and making an exaggerated pouty face.  Now when she knocks stuff over (she still loves to do it, the noise doesn’t bother her at all), I will wave or stomp to get her attention, then shake my finger at her, and she seems to know I’m upset with her.  In the other case, when I’m being friendly, or trying to get her to come over for pets, I’ll wiggle my fingers at her and she happily comes on over.

Well, before this becomes far too long I am going to break here, and tell you that I will be posting more about living with a deaf cat in the near future.  Check out the two articles below that I found pretty informative.  Just a small warning, which I will cover in the next post, if you do have a deaf cat, please keep them indoors, they can’t hear all kinds of dangers in the outside world, cars, predators, etc.  I will expand on this later.

eHow’s article:  How to Happily Communicate with a Deaf Cat

Best Friends Pet Care:   Caring for a Deaf Cat

WolframTones – Computer Generated Music

April 22nd, 2011 by Froggy

For those of you unfamiliar with Wolfram Alpha – they bill themselves as a “Computational Knowledge Engine” — many a budding young mathematician and old grizzled researcher can find astounding amounts of data here, as well as help with solving equations, explanations of mathematical operators, you know, everything under the sun about math.  You can even look at stock data, literally millions of little fascinating things.  For extra fun, search WolframAlpha with “What is the meaning of life?”  Douglas Adams fans will rejoice!

Finn and Jake say Algebraic!

Finn and Jake think WolframAlpha is Algebraic!

However, my interests lie deeply with music, and I have a fondness for computer generated music, so what I’m here to showcase is WolframTones – — WolframTones is a web based interface that allows you to generate random music based on your selections.

Screenshot of WolframTones web interface

I for one welcome our new robot musician overlords.

You can pick a style of music you’d like, then play with variations.  There’s even instrumentation you can play with, time controls (set the tempo), pitch mapping if you want to work in certain keys.  I would say the majority of the generated music is not going to be the next big club hit, but sometimes you get some pretty cool little ditties, and it’s a fun way to kill some time.

Steve Buscemi Eyes

April 16th, 2011 by Quantum

So here’s a new one I saw this week, superimposing Steve Buscemi’s eyes onto other people. Little can top the hilarity that ensues…


Not really a person, but thought the next one was too good to exclude:

Adventure Time Alternative Art

April 12th, 2011 by Froggy

So I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with Adventure Time. But that’s ok, I think with medication and therapy it will subside over time. I ran across some groovy artwork relating to Adventure Time, I wasn’t able to find all the sources, but will include them where I can, if anyone knows where the others came from, feel free to let me know. So here we go, some fun Adventure Time art!  UPDATE:  Make sure to check out, Adventure Time Alternative Art, Part 2

Adventure Time - Finn Animation

Finn says Bring it the Math On!

Adventure Time - Alternative Art 1

Adventure Time Alternate Art 2

Adventure Time - Alternate Art - Finn and Marceline

Finn and Marceline looking Animetastic

Adventure Time Alternate Art 4

Marceline Cosplay

Ok, so not necessarily alternative art, rather Marceline cosplay, but I would like a bass guitar like that.

Adventure Time - Alternate Art - Calvin and Hobbes
Well, at least I know where this last one came from, this was done by Kristina Thune, check out her Tumblr page, she’s got some great art!

Ok, not exactly related to Adventure Time, but since the last picture was a derivative of Calvin and Hobbes, I thought I’d share a picture I ran across, which I really dug, and have been wanting to post, but never had the excuse.  It is Calvin as Vash the Stampede and Hobbes as Nicholas D. Wolfwood from the series Trigun!

Calvin and Hobbes as Vash the Stampede, and Nicholas D. Wolfwood


08-15-11 Well, this seems to be the most popular page on this blog, and not a lot of people are making it over to the Adventure Time Alternate Art, Part 2 — so, I’m going to add some more images to this post — to reward all the awesome folks that have been checking out our Adventure Time threads.

Adventure Time Alternative Art - Adventure Time vs. The World - Scott Pilgrim / Adventure Time Mash Up by In Sepia Veritas

Adventure Time Alternative Art - Adventure Time vs. The World - Scott Pilgrim / Adventure Time Mash Up by In Sepia Veritas

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Adventure Time Alternate Art, Part 2

Adventure Time Screenshots from “Video Makers Episode”

That Horse is Whack, He’s Got Poo Brain

That Horse is Whack, He’s got Poo Brain, Part 2


April 12th, 2011 by Quantum

As any proprietor of a blog titled with one animal ingesting another will tell you, I’m no good with finishing things. Countless drafts are saved, deleted, remade, etc… Many of the posts I create are lacking and wind up in the site trash bin. I’m not sure why I can never complete what I am doing, but what I think

Reaction Guys 4-panel

April 11th, 2011 by Quantum

So the other day, I came across this four panel meme, and thought you all might enjoy it. I posted the two stock photos of the guys, disappointed and elated, at the bottom. First is original content, then the rest are a few I found to be kind of funny. Take care!


Legolas, What do Your Elf Eyes See? 3 Panel.

April 10th, 2011 by Froggy

So we have a special request to do some ‘Legolas What do Your Elf Eyes See’ panels on here.  Which I am more than happy to oblige.  We’ll start off with some original content, then a couple I’ve run into across the web, and as I like to do whenever possible, the last image will be the template, so you can have your own fun.

Legolas What Do Your Elf Eyes See 3 Panel - Rebecca Black - The Horror

Legolas What Do Your Elf Eyes See - Kissing Centaurs - You Know Stuff

Centaur Love

Legolas What Do Your Elf Eyes See - Geordi LaForge Visor

Legolas What Do Your Elf Eyes See - Louis Armstrong

Here’s the original template image for kicks and giggles.

Legolas What Do Your Elf Eyes See - Original Blank Template

Reaction Pictures

April 10th, 2011 by Froggy

Sometimes you want to say something, but have no means to express it at the time.  That’s what reaction pictures are for.  A picture speaks a thousand words and what not.  So here’s a short selection of reaction pictures.

Reaction Picture 1 - zomg wtf cat

zomg wtf u lookin at

Human and Dog Hybrid Scratching Chin - Hmm Interesting tell me more

Hmmm, interesting, tell me more.

Reaction Picture - Baby looking upset

What'd you say about my momma?

Reaction Picture - Chicken - Come at me Bro

Come at me Bro!

Reaction Picture - George Takei

George Takei Sexily Agrees with that Statement

Reaction Picture - Cat - Maximum Satisfaction

Satisfaction cat is satisfied.

Still Not Satisfied?

Check out our more reaction pictures!

Reaction Pictures, Part 2